Circle of Equity

Protecting the peasants from maxium rent-seeking elites.

"With justice and moderation the people will produce more. Tax revenues will increase and the state will grow rich and powerful. Justice is the foundation of a powerful state."

Justice is moderation in rates of taxation. Lafler Curve.

Circle of Equity (From History of Political Thought by Jennifer London)

  1. "The world is a garden, hedged in by sovereignty
  2. Sovereignty is lordship, preserved by law
  3. Law is administration, governed by the king
  4. The king is a shepherd, supported by the army
  5. The army are soldiers, fed by money
  6. Money is revenue, gathered by the people
  7. The people are servants, subjected by justice
  8. Justice is happiness, the well-being of the world."

The Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama

  1. There can be no royal authority without the military.
  2. There can be no military without wealth.
  3. The people (reiah) produce the wealth.
  4. The sultan keeps the people (reiah) by making justice rain.
  5. Justice requires harmony in the world.
  6. The world is a garden. It walls are the state.
  7. The state's prop is the religious law.
  8. There is no support for religious law without royal authority.

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