Wizz Air Flight Attendant Requirements

For aspiring people who want to join WizzAir, this video will be very useful. Here he shows what they will expect when they join the company, such as an overview of their duties and responsibilities such as caring for and serving food and other passenger necessities and ensuring their safety. Flight attendants are responsible for taking care of passengers, providing them with comfort and making them feel well cared for throughout their journey. These are just a few of the things a trainee flight attendant should expect when working with the airline, as shown in the video. The company wants to attract both experienced flight attendants and those who have not yet worked in this field. Applicants are promised “competitive salaries” as well as additional payments for certain flight segments, flight duration and a percentage of in-flight revenue. ✔️ Greets passengers with a smile and helps them during the flight Wizz Air is a Hungarian ultra-low-cost airline headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. The company serves more than 50 countries and operates 160 Airbus aircraft. WizzAir flight attendants also enjoy the benefits of work-life balance and health insurance from the start of their apprenticeship. The company always strives to provide a healthy and quality environment for its employees, making it one of the fastest growing airlines. Image: Wizz Air We are constantly looking for positive, energetic and motivated candidates for flight attendant/cabin crew positions to join our award-winning team.

The application process for a flight attendant at WhizzAir is relatively simple and can be done online. Are you looking for a job as a Wizz Air Cabin crew? Because here in this article you will find all the details about vacancies at Wizz Air flight attendants. Even in these difficult times, this job offer can be a hope for all aviation dreamers. Now the airline is hiring worldwide. This allows all first-year and experienced students to apply for a career at Wizz Air. The company offers excellent salaries and benefits to its flight attendants. Your flight attendants also benefit from Social Security and Employment Insurance, free cabin crew training, free experience-based tickets, discounted employee tickets, and paid vacation. They also receive remuneration during their training and many opportunities for professional development. If you meet all these requirements, you can start applying for a job at Wizz Air. If you are successful, you will complete an apprenticeship where you will learn everything you need to know about the flight attendant profession. Once you`ve completed your studies, you`re ready to start your career with the airline and provide passengers with the excellent service they deserve.

The requirements to become a flight attendant aren`t too onerous, but candidates need to be well presented and have excellent customer service skills. While some flight attendant experience is preferred, it is not essential, and successful candidates receive extensive training. If you have cabin crew qualities and think you have what it takes to become a flight attendant, visit their website and apply today. 2. Step – If you meet our basic requirements, you will be asked to complete the pre-recorded HireVue interview You place a strong emphasis on customer service excellence. One way to do this is to have a friendly and professional cabin crew. Its flight attendants are known for their fun and friendly attitude. They are also well trained in security procedures and provide excellent customer service. Candidates who wish to become flight attendants for the low-cost airline will undergo a full day of activities, including a personal introduction, staging of specific situations, a group exercise and an interview.

✔️ Ability to explore WIZZ destinations alone or with friends/family outside the office, thanks to special flight discounts and bonus tickets New flight attendants will also have the opportunity to join the Wizz Air Ambassador programme. Wizz Air is a low-cost airline based in Budapest, Hungary. The airline flies to more than 140 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Wizz Air is often looking for new flight attendants to join its team. Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air offers flights on more than 700 routes from 151 airports. If you have experience with the cabin crew of another airline and would like to apply now for the Wizz Air Cabin Crew. Then you need to contact Wizz Air`s recruitment team directly via email – cabin.crew@wizzair.com Founder: József Váradi, Indigo Group CEO: József Váradi Founded: 2003 2021 Revenue: €739 million Fleet size: 125 aircraft currently in service. In which language should I apply? You must provide all documents in English. Have you ever dreamed of a unique workplace when meeting new people? We have good news for you: our life as cabin crew is like this! Visible tattoos are not allowed when wearing the cabin crew uniform.

Step 3 – You will be invited to an MS Teams online interview Here in this article you will find all the details about the vacant position of the Wizz Air cabin crew. such as Wizz requirement criteria, professional liability, salary and benefits. Wizz Air will also offer its new hires special training, a six-week training allowance, a free uniform, unlimited discounted tickets for employees, a range of free tickets and discounts for friends and family, and a pre-planned work schedule each month. To learn more about WizzAir, visit their website here and explore their endless possibilities. TRAINING ALLOWANCE during the training period – corresponds to a full basic salary of the place The minimum education requirement is an Abitur. A university degree is not required, but those who wear it are preferred. Wizz Air will hold 21 recruitment meetings in seven cities in Romania in August and September. The application process is not that long, it usually takes a few minutes to complete. Image: Wizz Air You must at least speak and be fluent in spoken and written English and in another Central and Eastern European language (Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovak, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Georgian or Bosnian). Wizz Air`s UK base is located at London Luton Airport.

Work-life balance: no stopovers – opportunity to live a normal life in your hometown, flexible schedule, ability to exchange tasks/working days for days off About airlines – WIZZ Air – legally registered as Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. and stylized W! ZZ Air is a low-cost airline based in Budapest, Hungary. The airline flies to many cities across Europe, as well as some destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. It has the largest fleet of any Hungarian airline, although it is not a national airline, and currently serves 44 countries. ✔️ A colorful and stable job in an ever-changing company Step 1 – Apply for the vacancy Career development opportunities at one of the fastest growing airlines No. The airline never tells you that you should only have perfect teeth. But yes, airlines are looking for candidates with good, presentable teeth and a healthy smile. Wizz Air is a values-driven airline focused on innovation throughout the customer journey. Our aim is to make flights affordable for citizens of Central and Eastern Europe and to offer a new travel experience to all EU travellers. With more than 4100 employees from 64 countries, WIZZ is a truly global family. If you dream of a unique workplace, enter an office among the clouds and meet new people, then our cabin crew is for you. We are constantly looking for cheerful, dedicated and passionate candidates for our cabin crew positions across the WIZZ network.

Hello 🙂 please click the APPLY NOW button to submit your online application I would like to become a WIZZ cabin crew, how do I apply? Please visit the careers section of our website and select the particular base you are interested in and apply for the position with your English CV and colour card photo. Please note that the cabin crew data sheet is also required, which you can download during the application process. Don`t forget to fill it out in English and attach it to the required documents. ACCOMMODATION/TRANSPORTATION if the training location is not in your current country Benefits and benefits: competitive salary, social security and employment insurance, free and comprehensive training for cabin crew, free experiential tickets and discounted tickets for employees, paid leave Do I need to register for recruitment days? Yes, by clicking on the appropriate link on our website. After submitting your application, you can expect to receive an invitation for an upcoming recruitment day, but you can also attend without an invitation (but only at events called Open Recruitment Day).