When Will Gel Blasters Be Legal in Victoria

The law went into effect after police claimed gel blasters had been used to commit a number of crimes. These included home burglaries, armed robberies, sieges, robberies and drive-by shootings. Gel explosion toys were classified as air rifles in this condition, which is defined as a “Class A” firearm. In addition, gel bullets were classified as ammunition. You`ll need a gun license to legally own a gel-blaster toy — and to do that, you need to have a real reason for wanting a gun (like being a member of a sports club). Currently, there is no official legislation from the Government of Western Australia regarding gel blasters in Western Australia. Are gel blasters legal here? In essence, the legality of possession of a Gellaster toy in Western Australia is a matter of interpretation. Unless it is used in a way that causes fear, harm or alarm to the public, licensing authorities have stated that they will not consider the toy to be a firearm. Hey, thanks for the easy update, I`ve been keeping an eye on Gelblaster from time to time, I really want to convert a nerve weapon, like one of those video game nerve replicas. Gel blasters in Qld are legal. These include Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville and Cairns. Unlike NSW, it is not illegal to possess or use a gel blaster in Queensland, as a gel blaster is not considered a firearm or weapon under the Qld Firearms Act. That said, while you don`t need a gun license to have and use a gel blaster in Qld, it`s illegal to wear one in public.

If you wear one, you must have a reasonable excuse for having it, which may include recreational purposes, such as: Club member or collector of replica weapons. Otherwise, you must have a valid licence to legally possess or use a firearm in Queensland. Illegal possession of a firearm in Qld is punishable by severe penalties ranging from 2 years to 13 years in prison, depending on the number of firearms, under Article 50 of the Weapons Law 1990 (Qld). TL;DR: Non-imitation gel blasters are still allowed, but even if you own a fake gun, you can`t own an imitation gel blaster. This article does not constitute legal advice and is not intended to be so. It is illegal to possess a gel blaster or BB gun in New South Wales without a valid licence. South African police estimated last year that about 62,000 of the blasters were in circulation in the state. We strongly encourage all customers to ensure they follow the rules by contacting local law enforcement or seeking legal advice before purchasing. Many people have asked when gel blasters will be legal in New South Wales – only time will tell! At this time, NSW residents should apply for the appropriate permits if necessary.

For more information, please check with your local authorities or visit the New South Wales Police website linked here. We have now made the decision to regulate gel blasters and similar devices that have the appearance of a functional firearm as imitation firearms under the Firearms Control Act of 1990. In other words, if you are in possession of gel guns that look like a functional firearm, you will be charged with possession of a counterfeit firearm. I want to join the club and only freeze the good, not the bad ones that you know are bad with them, it makes things harder for the good guys with my I`m not going to do anything wrong so I`m joining the club I`m from Victoria Are gel blasters legal at VIC? Given the realism of some that may appear, the issue is controversial. For more information on counterfeit firearms classifications and requirements, please click here. The Gel Blaster Act in New South Wales and Australia has been the subject of much controversy in recent years – in particular, whether it is legal to possess Gel-Blaster. Gel firearms that have the appearance of a functional firearm are now classified as counterfeit firearms under the Gun Control Act of 1990. Legally possessing a counterfeit firearm in Victoria requires the approval of a Chief Commissioner for Prohibited Weapons. However, the Licensing and Regulatory Division (LRD) does not issue approvals for gel blast machines and similar devices because there is no real reason to possess them.

Individuals who possess an unregistered firearm or a firearm-related item may return it anonymously and without penalty to a police station for registration, sale or destruction. Outside of Queensland and South Australia, it is illegal to possess or use an airsoft gun, BB gun or gel blaster gun in any other state or territory in Australia unless you have a valid licence or weapons licence. In New South Wales, these types of firearms are defined as “firearms” under section 4 of the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW) (“Firearms Act”). Airsoft guns, BB rifles and gel blasters are spring-driven and/or use compressed air to propel a projectile without the means of explosives. An “air gun” is defined as a gun if it can propel a projectile by means of a spring or any gas or mixture of gases, including air, but not from a gas or mixture of gases produced by an explosive, provided that it is used with a hood or similar device or designed to operate with a hood or similar device. Under New South Wales` firearms laws, you are not allowed to possess or use a firearm unless you hold a firearms licence or licence. This carries up to 14 years in prison if the firearm is a pistol or prohibited firearm, and up to 5 years in prison if the firearm is another firearm. These penalties are provided for in sections 7 and 7A of the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW). The same penalties apply if you contravene a firearms licence requirement or if you use or possess a firearm for purposes other than those you originally determined to obtain the licence in the first place. Once you have a firearms licence or firearms licence, you will also need to register and obtain a licence to purchase the airsoft gun, BB gun or gel gun. They are manufactured overseas and are designed to emit non-toxic gel balls that are almost entirely water. Like the nerve, a common toy in most households, they are used for entertainment and leisure purposes.

With the growing popularity and media exposure in recent years, many Australians are questioning the legal aspects. If you own a gel blaster that looks like a functional firearm, you should dispose of it at a police station. You can do this by contacting your local police station and arranging a time when you can bring the gel blaster. You need to make sure that when transporting the gel blaster, you do it in a way that does not cause alarm. As in New South Wales, gel blasters, which resemble military firearms, are completely banned. This means that possessing, using and purchasing these types of gel blasters in the Northern Territory would be a criminal offence. Although there are no specific regulations regarding the classification of gel blasters in the Northern Territory, the toy will be treated as an offensive/prohibited weapon if used in a way that causes fear or harm, regardless of style and colour. For more information and explanations, please contact your local authorities and click here. Bruh I just got one, then I went to see and found out that it was illegal for new owners to own the toy is legal to make sure the proper license was obtained and the gel blaster was registered. Are gelaxers legal for current owners to own and use in South Africa? No, not without the appropriate licenses and permits. There is a 6-month amnesty period ending in April 2021. Meanwhile, all current owners of gel blasters must apply for a gun permit and register their blasters or hand over their toys to the police.

For more information on the current status of gel blasters in South Africa, please click here. Gel blasters can be handed over to police and even many gun shops across Australia as part of the ongoing national firearms amnesty. In QLD, gel blasters are considered replica firearms, and QLD residents have light regulations for gel blasters. Yes – gel blasters are completely legal in Queensland without a licence or permit. While no permit is required to purchase a gel blaster, owners are encouraged to use common sense and adhere to safety frameworks promoted by Queensland Police to ensure the toy can be enjoyed safely.