Nhs Tayside Legal

NHS Tayside submitted its Records Management Plan (RMP) on 6 May 2016. It has set out the overarching framework to ensure NHS Tayside records are effectively managed and controlled and meet the organisation`s legal, operational and information needs. The PMP considered 14 elements recommended in the custodian`s PMP template and supporting guideline. The 14 elements are: The Archives (Scotland) Act 2011 requires Scottish authorities to develop a records management plan and submit it to the Keeper of the Records of Scotland for approval under section 1 of the Archives (Scotland) Act 2011, which sets out the appropriate arrangements for the management of the organisation`s records. The RMP formed the basis of NHS Tayside`s action plan to improve the quality, availability and effective use of records at NHS Tayside and will provide a strategic framework for all records management activities. This page will be updated periodically with information and progress when available. Documents available as follows.