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The creation of the ID generated great public interest and more than 3,000 people applied for the first 48 positions of BÉNI agents. Physical and medical examinations were performed by doctors at the Philippine General Hospital and San Lazaro Hospital. Of the 3,000 candidates, only 150 were allowed to take the mental test, and of those, fewer than 100 passed. Upon further examination, 48 were certified for employment and of these successful candidates, only 45 actually accepted an officer position. Operation DI was suspended after the surrender of the Commonwealth government to the Japanese occupation forces during World War II. However, the Japanese revived the DI and allowed it to function as a division under the Department of Justice until the Japanese puppet Republic of the Philippines was founded by President José P. Laurel. During the Laurel administration, the DI merged with the Metropolitan Constabulary`s Secret Service Division (Manila Police Department or MPD) and the Japanese-led Philippine Constabulary Intelligence Unit. NBI forensic chief removed from office Manila, June 15, 2003 By Cecille Suerte Felipe (Star) The director of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Reynaldo Wycoco, yesterday relieved his medical and legal chief, arrested last Wednesday for extortion in a trap at NBI headquarters. In a phone interview with The STAR, Wycoco said he was now looking for a replacement for Dr.

Maximo Reyes, who was accused of extorting 200,000 pesos from a doctor-owner of a Carmen Pangasinan hospital. “Dr. Reyes has been relieved of his duties and we are now looking for his replacement,” said Wycoco. Reyes, who is charged with extortion and could have his license revoked for life. NBI Special Force agents arrested Reyes on June 11 at his office on the second floor of the NBI headquarters on Taft Avenue in Manila. Reyes tested positive for ultraviolet powder from money given to him by complainant Linette Chan. Contrary to reports, Wycoco said, the arrest was carried out by agents of the NBI`s Special Task Force under Marianito Panganiban. “There were neither PACER nor ISAFP agents when NBI agents arrested Reyes in his office,” Wycoco said, referring to the PNP Police Anti-Crime Emergency Response Team and the Armed Forces of the Philippines intelligence agency that reportedly made the arrest. The arrest came after Chan complained that Reyes was extorting money from him in exchange for a favorable forensic report from a patient who died in his hospital. Chan had been accused of the death of a patient, apparently due to blood loss or complications resulting from a caesarean section. Wycoco noted that Reyes had indicated his intention to rescind the findings, prompting Chan to file a complaint with PACER seeking help from his cousin, Col.

Mario Chan, the Philippine defense attaché in India. It was Colonel Chan who forwarded the case to ISAFP chief Victor Corpus, who in turn drew Wycocos` attention to the blackmail case. PACER agents first launched a trapping operation in Pangasinan on June 10. However, the police had to reset the operation after the doctor appointed by Reyes, who was supposed to take the money on his behalf, fell ill and did not show up for the alleged payment. Last Thursday, Chan went directly to Reyes` office and handed him the 200,000 pesos, after which Panganiban`s men arrested the forensic chief. Manila, 15 June 2003 Philippine Star editorial: It`s bad enough that the nation lacks qualified forensic experts. What makes the situation even more discouraging is when the chief medical examiner of the National Bureau of Investigation is himself accused of extorting money in exchange for a false forensic report. Dr. Maximo Reyes was arrested this week by a combined team from his own office, the Armed Forces of the Philippines Intelligence Service and the Police Emergency Crime Response. The arrest came in response to a complaint filed by the owner of a hospital in Carmen, Pangasinan, where a patient died six days after a caesarean section.

The hospital wanted to be cleared of any blame for the death, so the owner, Dr. Lenet Chan, asked the local NBI office to conduct an autopsy. When Chan informed the local NBI forensic officer, Dr. Jet Castro, for the findings, the owner of the hospital reportedly received the report in Manila from Reyes himself and had 200,000 pesos ready. Chan then asked the authorities for help. Reyes will have his day in court. In the meantime, the public can only wonder how many forensic reports have been fabricated by the NBI for a fee, and how much injustice can be attributed to these falsified results. Such reports can be decisive factors in legal proceedings. On the other hand, why should the public be surprised? There are prosecutors and judges you can buy. Why not forensic officials? If justice can be bought, poor litigants don`t stand a chance.

This latest scandal can only further undermine public confidence in countries` criminal justice systems. Forensic medicine in this country still has a long way to go. Years ago, during the outcry over Filipino domestic aide Flor Contemplacion, we were humiliated when US forensic experts upheld the Singaporeans` findings and rejected the NBI report. At this point, Philippine law enforcement agencies should push for the modernization of their forensic capabilities, which could greatly improve criminal investigations. But how can this be possible when forensic officials are more concerned with making money than improving their equipment or improving their craft? Buy social media at unbeatable prices and love what you need when you get everything in one place, secure payment via PayPal, 24/7 money-back guarantee customer support at the lowest price. Buy Instagram car likes The NBI is mandated to investigate/take charge of the following cases:[5] Hello po ako po si maria teresa quiballo hihingi po sana ako ng tulong about sa pagkakalat ng private picture trace po yung kim satur po gamit po nyang pic is bianca umali po sna po atulungan nyo po ako hindi ko npo kc alam ang gagawin salamat po The DI was then officially organized in 1937. and consisted of forty-five (45) officers and approximately 100 officers and employees. These included lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, fingerprint technicians, photographers, research assistants, employees, stenographers, janitors and messengers. The DI office operated in Manila, where its officers and technical staff were sent from time to time to the provinces to investigate crimes of public interest or when the need arose.

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