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If you`re facing a serious injury, denial of Social Security benefits, workers` compensation claims, or criminal charges, you want a lawyer who isn`t afraid to take your case to court. These are serious situations and you need a lawyer who fights for your rights both in and out of court. Please contact Moorhead LeFevre, P.A. at 864.225.9155 for individual advice on your legal matter. Working with ML and CHEN, P.C. on my Living Trust case was as smooth as I could have hoped for. Yanfei and his team were knowledgeable, caring and professional throughout the process. Their commitment to their work was fully evident as they patiently explained concepts that initially intimidated me and allowed me to fully explore all the options available to me and my family. I am usually nervous when I have to talk to a lawyer, but with Yanfei, I felt completely comfortable. I cannot express how much I appreciate the care and effort that the team at ML and Chen, P.C. have put into my cause, and I fully recommend them. Kirk Moorhead gave me a lot in one case where I fell. He was always available to talk to me whenever I wanted.

I can`t go wrong with this company. It`s great to work with Steve!!! He took so long to explain legal things that I never had to deal with. Highly recommended PA. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are experts at helping you after a traffic accident. If you`ve been injured in an accident due to someone else`s negligence, you deserve fair performance Our auto accident lawyers can help you make claims following a motor vehicle accident. At Moorhead LeFevre P.A., our personal injury, workers` compensation and criminal defense attorneys are based in Anderson, SC, which operate in upstate South Carolina. They paid too much for our family. I am very grateful for all your help and efforts in guiding me through the process. Thank you very much! Thank you for your patience and love. I also thank God for letting me know. You are very dedicated to your work, you are responsible and professional.

I am really touched and admired by the seriousness and your spirit of love! Please take care of your health and rest when you are tired! I`ll see you when I have time! We are Anderson, SC-based lawyers who are committed to providing the highest level of skill, concern and commitment to our clients. Whether you are an existing or potential client, our experienced lawyers and staff will provide you with specific legal advice and practical solutions to your unique legal problem. These results are provided for general information purposes only and are not indicative of future results. The outcome of each case depends on the particular circumstances of the case. Before using ML AND CHEN, P.C. I often heard them answering people`s questions about immigration and offering free advice on the free seminar organized by Chinese Christian Herald Crusades. Thanks to the Herald, I am happy to have become a “Mingli” customer. Thank God he informed me about Ms. Ran, and although my case is still ongoing (which is my issue), I have had the privilege of seeing successful clients come to the firm to express their gratitude to Ms.

Ran and Mr. Chen. They treat customers and employees like family. The most impressive thing for me is that with YanFei`s efforts, the relationship in my family became harmonious, moreover, my husband was convinced and trusted Yanfei a lot. Ms. Ran is a rigorous, focused and agile lawyer. She loves challenges and learning. She is able to withstand strong pressure and works very carefully. In addition, Ms. Ran is very enthusiastic, dedicated and upright. She has strong communication and organizational skills. Ms.

Ran and Mr. Chen have one common character: humor that always makes people happy and relaxed to talk to. May God keep her and her family healthy and have a good career. I am very grateful to William Lou, who is directly responsible for my case, for being very serious and responsible. In the meantime, I also appreciate the whole team at ML AND CHEN, P.C. As Ms. Ran said, because she can understand the needs and suffering of each client with empathy, she leads the entire team to take charge of the file with more attention, commitment and focus. This law firm is very professional with experienced lawyers who will take care of you and treat you like family. Steve LeFevre and Kirk Moorhead will be very attentive if you.

I highly recommend this law firm!! Fortunately, I met Ms. Ran after being recommended by a friend. At the time, I was applying for the H-1B green card. However, due to the mistakes of the former lawyers and the extreme delay in processing cases, progress has been too slow. So I have to change lawyers at the last minute. I contacted Ms. Ran and introduced her to friends. The first telephone communication made a good impression on this lawyer: efficient, professional and rigorous, above all extremely attentive and empathetic.

With this goodwill and trust, and after serious communication with the employer, he did not hesitate to entrust all his files to lawyer Ran. The facts have proven that my choice is absolutely wise, because this firm is not only a lawyer with a very personal charm, but the whole team is very dedicated, efficient and tidy. The most impressive thing is that together, the team helped translate some of my publications. A specialized Chinese literature, under the premise of limited knowledge of Chinese and extremely obscure technical vocabulary, they always do their best to complete it on time, even professionals may not be able to do it in a few days! Although things have passed for over a year, this gratitude has made me unforgettable. We provide legal representation for people injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We also assist clients in employee compensation cases and represent clients accused of a crime. Steve is above all a phenomenal man. He genuinely cares about his customers and has helped me more than he knows. A very trustworthy lawyer with great staff!!! We provide criminal defense for those accused of state and federal crimes, from impaired driving to murder. In addition, our lawyers can assist you with commercial matters, including litigation.