Memorialize Definition Synonym

When you remember something, you honor it or do something to make you remember it. If you want to remember a summer trip you took with friends, you can create a photo album with the photos you took to commemorate. Two photos of Richard Long recall a 15-day hike in Lapland in 1985, where he twisted stones to face the wind. I decided to commemorate my play and read my memoirs at the meeting. He goes on to grasp the nature of memory by reflecting on how we commemorate mass extinction. If you want to do something to commemorate your son and he won`t hit you, you should do it with that child. In 2008, when she and her partner wanted to remember their commitment, they traveled to Canada to get married. One of my sons, who now lives in the United States, was very supportive of me in what I did [to commemorate the famine]. He then convened a convention and commemorated the king and queen, who eventually approved his course. On the same day, the Dominicans of Manila commemorate the local government for the suppression of the Audiencia on the islands.

The word commemoration is often used in reference to someone or something who has died, or even a group of connected people who have passed away. For example, you might see a monument commemorating and paying tribute to the victims of an earthquake. You can also erect a monument to someone in a speech, that is, you tell the story of the person`s life and describe how they influenced others. Art had anticipated horror, and now art had to erect a monument to it. Stacey Pitsillides, a design researcher at Northumbria University who focuses on the technology of death, says virtual worlds are among the most innovative spaces where strangers gather to commemorate Covid-related deaths. Both are ceremonial formalities reminiscent of politically determined events. Boston newspapers printed the act in mourning, and meetings were called to commemorate the legislature. Bryant, 41, has been commemorated in hundreds of murals around the city. “It was important for all of us to erect a monument for her, to realize that it was her,” Davis writes. Jan Meyer suggests that those who came early to the goldfields should commemorate separately, and he would support them. Increase your test score with programs developed by experts.